Barbara Witney
15810 Los Gatos Boulevard
Los Gatos, California 95032
(408) 356-0677


It takes courage, awareness, motivation, and some degree of frustration or pain to seek help and start the process of healing or change.

If you are are couple seeking a way out of your circular arguments or your silent distance, I can help you develop a new way to re-connect, feel close & secure again, and negotiate those seeming intractable differences that exist.

As an individual, if you are functioning well in many areas of your life but on the inside, your are struggling with pain, conflict or loneliness, I can help you identify and remove the blocks to moving forward in your lie. You can gain greater self understanding, make new decisions, feel centered and tap into the wellspring within you.

If you have the sense that your life lacks purpose or meaning, I will guide you to explore and discover what new dimensions of your SELF need to emerge. There is something more for you to grow into.

Please contact me for your FREE 30 minute phone assessment. We can discuss what you want and find out if we are a good fit.